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Filippo Maria Bressan, aside from being a perfect musician, is a wonderful conductor too: he caresses the air with his hands, as if he feared to disturb the enchantments coming out from his musicians. Transparence, as a moral criterion, lifts up Bressan's reading.
(Stefano Ragni - LA NAZIONE - Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms, Brahms Symphony n.1)

Sophisticated conductor, has a technical confidence and a true depth that manage to marshall the orchestra; in his conduction there is the right relationship with the stage, the capability of seconding the voices, and the balance of the timing, in order to draw the great musical architectures, the dramatic tension of both the colors and the phrasing, the proper definition of any atmosphere.
(Arrigo Quattrocchi - IL MANIFESTO - Semiramide, Rossini)

A fluid and precise performance at one time, magnified by the gesture of the conductor Filippo Maria Bressan. Lucidity, precision, monitored force, charisma of rare workmanship : these are the traits of this kind of "Magus Musicae", which all have responded with attention and convinced participation. Long, hearty and touched applause.
(Marco Maria Tosolini - IL GAZZETTINO - Johannes Passion, Bach)


Choir Passion


Not a curriculum vitae, but the synthesis of a passion... 

Leaving out the how, when, why ... here it is a constant reminder to the voice and the singing that starts from when I was a child. Where there was singing, I was there. In my family singing was a constant, my mother had a beautiful voice and my father conducted a church choir. Singing was a way to get together and cheer the evenings, the walks, the feasts and after dinner.





don't look back who stares to the stars

Leonardo Da Vinci

the true strength is the audacious simplicity

Papa Giovanni XXIII

simplicity is the companion of the truth as the modesty is of the knowledge

Francesco De Sanctis

if you want to understand a person, don't listen to his words, observe his behavior

Albert Einstein

chase what you love or you will end up to love what you find.

Carlo Collodi – Pinocchio

everyone sees what you seem; few feel what you are.

Niccolò Machiavelli